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    Long Niall dirty #imagine


    You and Niall have been together for 2 years now. Last night you went to a party and he got drunk together with everyone else except you. You really didn’t like drinking so much alcohol. The party turned into an orgy and some random guy suggested group sex and everyone agreed. You got really scared because you were shy and didn’t want that. You started looking for Niall as everyone was undressing.

    “Niall, where are you?” You shouted.

    “Right here.” Niall came and hugged you from the back.

    “Oh you scared me.” You turned around.

    Niall kissed you and put his hands on your waist. You could feel the smell of alcohol as Niall tongue entered your mouth you felt its taste too. You broke the kiss.

    “Niall, we have to go. This is turning into a group sex.” You said scared.

    “So what?” He smiled.

    “You know I don’t like this. Come on, let’s go.”

    “No.” Niall grabbed your hand and pulled you closer.

    “Please baby, just one time.” Niall said looking deeply in your eyes.

    “No Niall! You’re drunk right now. Please let’s go home, it’s really late.”

    “I AM NOT!” He yelled.

    That scared you. You felt tears in your eyes.

    “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” He said with a sad face and kissed you. He grabbed your T-shirt and tried to take it off. You broke the kiss.

    “Stop it!” You started crying and run away.

    “[Y/N!” He shouted from behind but you didn’t turn around. You ran to the lift and started crying harder. You cried all the way back to your flat. You and Niall were living together. You entered the flat and left the door unlocked for him. You changed into your pajamas, went to bed and kept crying. You couldn’t believe what just happened. You were scared. He wasn’t there to tell you everything will be fine, no he was at that party probably having sex with another girl. You cried for about 2 hours then fell asleep.

    ———- Next morning ———-

    You wake up feeling better but when you try to get up you can’t. You see your hands and legs were tied. You froze. You didn’t lock the door last night, what if a thief entered your house. You look at Niall’s side: he isn’t there. The sheets look like he didn’t even sleep with you last night. You start crying. You look at the clock on your bedside. It’s 12am. But then you see your phone on the bedside. “It can’t be a thief, he would have taken my phone.” You think. Niall’s laptop was still in the room as well. You gather your courage and shout:


    “Yes.” Someone answers from the living room. You recogniz Niall’s voice. He comes in the room smiling.

    You sighem relieved.

    “Goodmorning!” He says getting closer.

    “Umm… why am I tied? Is this a joke or something?!”

    “No joke.”

    “Untie me right now!”

    “I’m afraid I can’t!”


    “I wan’t to have some fun!” He saus sitting next to you on the bed.

    “Well I don’t! Now untie me!”

    “But come one! Wait… your face is wet… why are you crying?” He looks worried.

    “I’m sick from last night and i thought a thief was in our house.”

    “I’m sorry for scaring you.” He leans in for a kiss but you turn your head and avoid his lips.

    “Untie me!”

    “But baby…” He says with a sad face.

    “Right now, Niall!” The tears start falling from your eyes again.

    Niall unties you and you turn your back to him. He gets in bed with you, puts his head on your shoulder and huggs you.

    “Please stop crying.” He wipes your tears with his hand. Your face was wet and cold and the touch of his warm and big hand gave you chills. He puts his head back on your shoulder and closes his eyes.

    “Where did you sleep last night?” You ask with a trembling voice.

    “On the couch, in the living room.”

    “When did you come home?”

    “At half past 4. You?”

    “At 2am. Is the car still there?”

    “Yes, I couldn’t drive last night.”

    “Okay.” You get out of bed.

    “What are you doing? I want to hug you more!”

    “I’m going to change then go to the grocery store. I’ll go take the car.”


    “Don’t forget you have to go to the studio too.”

    “I know…”

    “You took your clothes from the closet and went to the living room.”

    “Now you can’t even change in front of me?!” Niall shouts from the bedroom. You ignore him. You brush your teeth and wash your face then change in the living room. You wlgo to the bedroom to put your pajamas under the blanket. Niall was sitting in the bed with his arms crossed.

    “Don’t be late.” You tell him.

    “I won’t! Aren’t you going to eat before leaving?”

    “No, I’ll buy a sandwich on my way. You have food in the fridge, just put it in the microwave.”

    “A last kiss before you leave?” He smiles cheekily.

    “You’ll live without it.”


    “I don’t want to hear you.”

    “Come on! What have I done?!”

    “Don’t you remember last night?”


    “That’s right because you were drunk.”

    You take your bag and leave the flat then lock door. You go where you parked the car last night. You get in the car and your phone rings. You got a new message.

    “From who…?” You say and check your phone. It was from Niall. “I DON’T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE THING! WHAT HAVE I DONE LAST NIGHT?! Why do you hate me, baby? It breaks my heart ;( Please talk to me :( I’m begging you!” You don’t answer. You put your phone back in your bag and drive away. You loved Niall but what he did last night broke your heart.

    “I love you, idiot, but I just can’t forget what you did last night… I can’t break up with you because I don’t want to lose you… I’m going to show you, babe, I’ll take my revenge. Watch out!” You think and smile. You go to the grocery store buy everything that was needed and go home. It was 4am when you returned and Niall wasn’t there. You cook his favourite food then your friends call you and ask you if you want to go out tonight. You accept and write a note for Niall “I’m out with the girls. I’ll be late, don’t wait for me. Food’s on the stove.” You change your clothes and leave.

    —— Later that day ——

    You partied ‘till midnight. When you get home Niall was sleeping. You change to your pajama and go to bed. Niall feels you, comes closer and puts his arm around you pulling you closer.

    “I missed you, babe.”

    “I thought you were asleep.”

    “I feel asleep while I was waiting for you.”

    “Sorry to wake you.”

    “No problem…” He said yawning. You kiss him on the forehead. He smiles.

    “Now back to sleep, baby.”

    You wait around an hour for Niall to fall asleep then you get out of bed and tie his harms and his legs with a cord then take off your pajama and change in a sexy underwear. The sound of you changing wakes Niall.

    “[Y/N]?” He says sleepy. You turn on the light.

    “Wow!” He says making some big eyes.

    “Like it?” You smile.

    “I love it! But what is this? And why am tied?” He smiles largely.

    “This? This is revenge, baby.” You answer with an evil smile that confuses Niall.


    “Yes, for last night.” You say getting on top of him.

    “Lat night… What happened?”

    “Yeah. That party turned into a group sex and you know how much I hate it. I wanted to go home but you didn’t. You kept insisting to stay and have sex. You were drunk so I left and you stayed and probably had sex with a random girl.”

    Niall’s eyes were wide open. He looked surprised. He was looking right in yours. His blue eyes were searching for an answer.

    “I don’t remember anything… but I’m sure I didn’t-” The doorbell rings interrupting Niall.

    “Oh he’s here.” You say getting out of bed.

    “Who?! Who’s here?!” Niall shouts.

    You open the door and invite your guest in the bedroom. When Niall sees him he’s facial expression changes quickly. He was dumbfounded.

    “What the hell is that?!”

    “A professional stripper.” You smile.

    Niall was still staring at the muscular man with skin-tight leather trousers, without a shirt that was wearing a mask and holding a bag. The stripper opens his bag and takes a pair of handcuffs then starts getting closer to Niall.

    “What are you doing with those?!” Niall says panicked. The stripper fastens Niall’s hands to the bed.

    “HEY! WHAT THE FUCK! [Y/N]!”

    The stripper goes to his bag, takes out something and gives it to you.

    “What is that?! What are you doing with it, [Y/N]?!”

    “Chill, babe.” You kiss him and put a mouth cork. Niall tries to speak but he can’t because of the mouth cork. He starts groaning louder and louder.

    “Shhh baby, you’ll wake the neighbors.”

    The stripper comes and hugs you from behind. Niall wide opens his eyes and starts groaning again. The stripper puts his hands on your boobs and starts massaging them, you moan. Niall tries to move his arms and his legs but he can’t. He was so adorable struggling to hit the stripper with his legs. You smile. The stripper takes you by hand and leads you to your closet. You had a really big closet. You both enter in the closet. Niall watches you stepping in and tries to shout but he can’t. The stripper closes the doors. It was really dark in the closet. He takes off your bra, opens the door a little bit and throws it on the bed next to Niall then he kisses your boobs and you moan. That makes Naill shake the bed and groan very loud. The stripper grabbs your ass and carries you to the bed. He puts you in the bed, completely ignoring Niall. He takes off his trousers and gets closer. He kisses you and his hands start exploring your body. Then he starts leaving kisses all around your body and licking your nipples. When one of his hands reaches your panties and tries to take them off Niall moves his legs and hits him. You look back at Niall and see he has a really big boner. He was wearing boxers.

    “Baby…” You whisper. Niall looks at you with sad blue eyes.

    You put on your bra and together with stripper go to the living room, you give him the money and ask him to leave. He leaves and you lock the door, go back to the bedroom and sit next to Niall in the bed. He looks at you with puppy eyes. You smile and leave wet kisses on all over his cheeks then take off the mouth cork and kiss him.

    “Hey Niall, I just hate you, ok?”


    “Well I can’t take my revenge when you make that sad face!” You cross your arms and look away pretending to be sad. Niall sighs.

    “Let’s go back to sleep because I want to forget.” He says annoyed.

    “You want to go back to sleep?? So you don’t want to have sex?”


    “Then what about this?” You smile and point at his boner.

    “It’s nothing…”

    You touch it and that makes Niall moan. You kiss him then his boner. He moans. You put your pussy on his hard boner (you were still wearing your panties) and start swinging front and rear. Naill moans really loud.

    “Go faster! I can’t anymore!” He shoutes.

    “Hold it baby.” You say pressing your pussy harder on his penis.

    “Let me go, please! I’m begging you! Aaaaah! Let me touch you!”

    You ignor him and keep pressing.

    “I’m going to cum!”

    You stop and get out of bed.

    “What are you doing? Please don’t stop now! Aaaah, it hurts!”

    You sit on your knees on the floor and slowly take off his boxers and look at his erection.

    “Hmm it’s pretty big and hard… but I want to make it harder.” You say touching it and making Niall moan.

    “I can’t, [Y/N] it’s too much for me!”

    “Don’t come baby, we’re still not done.”

    He gasps trying to hold it. You squeez his balls and he moans. You begin licking its root then suck his whole dick. Is was getting harder and harder.

    “Aaaah! Please, please let me cum!”

    “Ok baby.” You start rubbing really fast.

    “I told you I can make it harder.” You smile.

    Niall ejacuates, his sperm falling all over the bed.

    “We’ll need new sheets.” You say smiling.

    “I’m done.”

    “I don’t think so, baby.” You wink at him a grab a box from the bedside.

    “What’s that?” He asks laughing mischievously.


    “So we’re getting to the fun part.” He smiles.

    “This was the fun part, now more fun is coming.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “The stripper left his bag here and it’s full of toys.” You smile.

    “Oh god… What are you going to do to me?”

    “I’m going to play with you, baby.”

    You take a condom and try to put it on his penis but you don’t succeed.

    “Oh Niall! What have you done? The old size it’s not good anymore. Luckily I have a bigger size.”

    Niall smiles.

    “But I changed my mind, we’ll use it later.”

    You go and grab the bag then a big smile appears on your face.

    “What?” Niall asks confused.

    You take a huge dildo and look at Niall smiling.

    “What are you going to do with that, babe? You’ve got mine and mine is bigger anyway.” He laughs naughtily.

    “It’s not for me, it’s for you.” You smile and push the dildo in his anus.

    “Aaaaah!” He gasps.

    “That thing is huge!” He says groaning.

    “Now you see how it feels, baby? Oh look and it can vibrate.”

    “No! Don’t do that!”

    You press the button and it starts to vibrate. Niall’s screams.

    “It has more levels, we’ll go to level 2 after I undress.”

    “No please! Take it off! Ahhhh I can’t!”

    You take off your clothes. And go back to Niall that was getting used to the dildo.

    “Let’s do 69.” You smile.

    Niall starts licking your pussy and your clit then he bites it to tease you.

    “Aaaah!” You moan then you press the button twice and the dildo goes to level 3. Niall gasps.

    “Don’t stop!” You tell him. He keeps licking you pussy and you suck his dick. You feel his erection getting harder and harder.

    “Baby, please let me go! Stop teasing me! Let me feel you… let me touch… “

    Niall cums exactly when you take your mouth from his penis.

    “That was unexpected.” You say taking off the dildo and climbing on top of him.

    “Kiss me?” He smiles.

    You kiss him and his tongue forcibly bursts into your mouth. He smiles through the kiss.

    “Now baby, hope you have enough energy for what’s next.” You smile breaking the kiss.

    You take a condom and put it on Niall’s hard dick then you unlock the the handcuffs and untie the cord but when you turn around to untie his legs he grabs you by your waist, raises you and puts your pussy on his penis and thrusts into you. You scream. It hurts. He begins to thrust getting faster.

    “Now untie my legs honey.” He smiles naughtily.

    “I can’t because you’re moving me. Aaaah! It’s so big!”

    “You can do two things in the same time.” He winks.

    You try to untie the cord but you can’t because Niall is thrusting faster and faster and your whole body is shaking.

    “I can’t!”

    He stops for a second and takes off his penis from your vagina. You untie his legs. You look back at him and see him smiling. You turn around and lay on his chest looking in his blue eyes.

    “Hey babe.” He kisses you and you smile.

    Niall puts his hands on your ass and begins massaging it. His arms are so warm, it feel great. You put on your head on his chest.

    “Are you tired?” He asks smiling.

    “No, not at all.”

    “Okay then. Let’s have more fun, baby because I’m all horny.”

    He squeezes your butt as he thrusts his hard penis into your pussy again. You gasp then you stand up from his chest.

    “Ride it, baby, up and down.”

    You started going up and down on Niall’s dick and you were both moaning.

    “Faster, [Y/N], faster!”

    You try and go faster.

    “I’m going to cum!” Niall shouts.

    “Me too!”

    Niall puts his hands on your waist and ties to make you go faster and deeper.

    “Cum baby, in the same time with me!” With this words Niall forcefully thrusts deeper making you cum then he cums in the condom too.

    “Finally baby, I was able to cum inside you.” He smiles. You look at him and smile too.

    “Lay on your back [Y/N], let me taste you.”

    You lay down and he starts licking your cum from your pussy.

    “I stayed enough in this bed.” He got up, took another condom and gave it to you.

    “Put it on, baby.”

    You listened to him and put it on. Then he take the dildo from the bed.

    “No Niall.” You smile.

    “Lay down, my beautiful.” Niall smiles and kisses you. You giggle. You lay down on the bed and Niall gently spreads your legs. He begins fingering you. You keep moaning. Then he starts licking you gently and slowly, massaging your clit with his tongue.

    “Niall…” You whisper with pleasure.

    He smiles and starts fingering you again with one finger then with 2, with 3 and then with 4, faster and faster making you moan. He turns on the the dildo and thrusts it inside your pussy.

    “Aaaaah, Niall! I’d rather have yours than this thing.”

    “Are you sure, baby?” He smiles naughtily.


    “Ok but remember, you asked for it.”

    Nill started fingering you again and puts the dildo on level 3.

    “Aaaaaahh!!” Your whole body gets chills.

    Then he slams his dick hard into your anus. You moan and let a tear fall from your eye because of the pain. He thrusts, puts his hands on your boobs and massages them then kisses you fiercely. Nialls begins thrusting faster and faster. Both your bodies are shaking. Niall takes the dildo and throws it.

    “I want you to feel only me! I’m going to cum!” He screams.

    Naill takes your legs in his hands. He thrusts faster and harder. You both moan and come in the same time.

    “Woah baby! That was a good one!” Niall says falling next to you on the bed. You smile looking at his face.

    “You are the best!” He puts his arm around you.

    “Shall we sleep naked? I’ll warm you up.” He winks.

    “I don’t want to get a cold, baby.” You say getting up and searching for your panties. You put your panties on and Niall puts his boxers then he grabs one of his T-shirts and gives it to you.

    “Here baby, put it on.” He smiles.

    You put on the T-shirt. Niall comes closer and lifts you by your waist. You put your arms around his neck and he puts his under your butt then carries you to bed. Niall gently lays you down on the bed then gets in too. You grab the blanket and cover both of you then he comes closer and you put your arm around him stroking his back. You kiss him and bite one of his lips. He moans with pleasure .

    “Aren’t we over baby?” He asks smiling.

    “We are.” You say and put your hands on his face kissing him again.

    “A little make up sessions before falling asleep?” He smiles kissing you.

    “Sure.” You kiss him back.

    Niall puts his arms on your waist massaging it. As you were kissing you started playing with his hair and put one of your legs on his. You could feel him smiling through the kiss.

    “Baby, if you do this to me I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself.”

    “It’s ok.” You kissed him again biting his lip.

    You put one of your arms on his neck, playing with his hair and the other one on his chin. Niall put his arms pulling you closer until your tummy touched his. He bit your lips too and you moaned. Then Niall’s wet lips started kissing your neck making you groan.

    “Baby?” He asked you stopping and looking in your eyes.


    “Last night… I don’t remember our fight but I remember I stayed there really upset and watched the others having sex then I left. I didn’t lay a finger on another girl!”

    You start crying and burry your face in his neck. You let your warm tears fall from your eyes and touch Niall’s skin. He huggs tighter.

    “I’m sorry!” You say through tears.

    “It’s ok, honey. I would never cheat on you and besides the other girls aren’t even beautiful compared to you… You are the only one.” He kisses your head head as you keep crying.

    “I wanted to tell you this before but that stripper interrupted me.”

    “I am so sorry, Niall! Please forgive me.” You start crying harder. Niall kisses your forehead and tries to hug you tighter.

    “No baby, don’t cry. I am the one supposed to cry for not coming with you home. I think you were really scared to walk alone at night. Sorry for not being there to protect you, my angel.”

    You feel one of Niall’s tears on your neck. You kiss him and he wipes your tears with his warm hands then smiles.

    “This was a really harsh revenge but I deserved it. That guy was lucky that I was tied and couldn’t move because if I could…”

    “Was it that bad? We didn’t do anything.”

    “Seeing another guy kissing and touching you like that makes me so mad! I am the only one allowed to touch you like that! No one else can do that to my princess!”
    You smile and kiss him.

    “So please, [Y/N], never kiss another guy or at least not if front of me because I can’t handle that much pain.”

    “I won’t ever kiss someone else apart from you, baby.” You kiss him.

    “Right because you’re mine.” He kisses you fiercely and with hunger.

    You fall asleep hugging and kissing each other.

    When you woke up it was really late, around 2pm. Your head was on Niall’s chest and you could hear his heart beating. You smile and kiss his chest.

    “So you woke up.” Niall says grinning from behind. He kisses your head and you turn around.

    “Goodmorning! Why didn’t you wake me too?”

    “I woke up 5 minutes ago and you were too adorable sleeping.” He kisses you and you giggle.

    “We should do this more often!”

    “I still have that strippers number.” You joke.

    “Nooo! Without that guy! Just the two of us.” He says kissing your lips softly.

    “You know, I was exhausted.” He giggles.

    “I’m great, aren’t I?” You laugh kissing him and biting his lower lip. He laughs too.

    “Hey [Y/N], let’s do this all day. Just staying in bed and kissing.”

    “Hmm I have a better idea! Let’s wash ourselves then eat breakfast while cuddling on the couch and watching movies. What do you think?” You smile.

    “Genius! Haha I love you, babe!”

    “Ok then, it’s settled.” You smile and get up.

    Before entering the bathroom you do a bit of sexy dancing to grab Niall’s attention. He bites his lips watching you shaking your butt.

    “I need to wear shorter T-shirts…” He grins.

    You burst into laughter.

    “Sex bomb, sex bomb, I’m your sex bomb.” You turn around pretending to take your T-shirt off. You laugh when you see Niall’s expression.

    “What are you doing? Go on! I want to see the the end!” He winks laughing.

    “Then sing for me, baby.”

    “Umm ‘kay!” He grins and bites his lips once again.

    “Come over here, stand on that chair. Yeah that’s right. Raise your arms up in the air, now shake ‘em.”

    You do what the lyrics say giving Niall sensual looks.

    “You give me reasons to live, you give me reasons to live, you give me reasons to live.”

    You take off the shirt covering your chest with your arm and throw it on Niall’s face.

    “Hey that’s blocking my view!” He laughs.

    You run to the bathroom laughing. You wash your face, brush your teeth then take a shower. After you go back to the bedroom covered in a towel.

    “Hmm that towel would look so good… on the floor.” He winks.

    “Nope, it won’t. Now go to the bathroom.”

    “I’ll wait until you change.”

    “Hahaha you pervert!! I don’t even know what to wear.”

    He gets up, goes to the closet and takes a T-shirt.

    “Here, wear this.” He hands you the T-shirt.

    “But it’s yours.”

    “Yeah but I love it when you wear my T-shirts.” Niall blushes and looks away. You hug him. Even though he tries to avoid your eyes you manage to kiss him.

    “We’ll make a deal. If I wear your T-shirt then you can’t wear any T-shirt. Deal?” You wink.

    “Deal!” He kisses you.

    You change and go to the kitchen and make some sandwiches for ‘breakfast’. Then you go and look through the movies. Niall comes smiling.

    “What are we watching?” He asks.

    “I don’t know. Grease?”


    Niall goes and sits on the couch and you on his lap.

    “I love you.” He says and starts leaving sweet kisses on your neck. You giggle and turn on the tv. He wraps his arms around you and buries his face on your neck letting out his eyes out so he could see the movie.

    You cuddle for the rest of the day. But hey, last night you forgot to cover the windows so a neighbor from the the other building filmed you and put you on YouTube so guess who are now starring in this year’s biggest porn movie? Changed my mind, don’t guess, I’ll tell you: it’s you and Niall!!

    Hope you liked it :) give me some feedback? Can you please RT so more people can read it? Thank you :) mwah :* – Theo

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