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Dr.Mahesh Purohit

HCHL Healthcare Center is 1st in India which is using SPMF therapy for treatment for Arthritis & Palliative treatment for Cancer.

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Benefits of SPMF Therapy :

It is pioneering, unique, effective and non-invasive procedure for treatment of Osteoarthritis.

1 SPMF Therapy ™ for Osteoarthritis significantly decreases knee or joint pain.
2 It has no side effects.
3 It enables natural growth of joint cartilage.
4 Both knees can be treated simultaneously in SPMF Therapy ™.
5 It increases the mobility of joints.
6 It improves stability and power of the knee joints.
7 It is an out-patient treatment.
8 Progress of disease is halted.
9 Patient can carryout their normal routine activity during the treatment.
10 Does not have an effect on co-morbidities (associated medical problems)
11 Patient can get rid of pain killer drugs.
12 During the treatment, patient can read / listen music.
13 It is cheaper alternative to standard surgical treatment like Knee replacement.
14 Overall it improves the quality of life of patients.

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